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Gather round, boys and girls, it's project time!

Having recently discovered Sam & Max and the regular magic that happens over at Telltale Games, and being the artsy fartsy types we claim to be, Alisa and I decided we needed to enter Telltale's Halloween-ish contest.

We decided to make a cake.

I would like to preface our story by saying that neither one of us are proffesionals, strictly speaking. Alisa decorates cakes for a major retail chain, and her mom is a cake designer, but she doesn't have a ton of experience with fondant, and I've only stuck my grubby little fingers in the stuff once before we started this. It was most certainly a learning experience.

We decided to base our cake on the awesome Telltale episode "Night of the Raving Dead," because that episode is awesome and who doesn't love zombies? Nobody, that's who.

We started out baking what can only be described as a metric crapload of cake. Two tiers at three layers each = more cake than I ever want to see again. Did I mention fate was set against us?

By "fate" I meant "cats." Cats were against us. Bob walked into this layer while our backs were turned. We had to pitch it and start over.

Our second try was twarted by a batch of poorly made Jiffy brand fudge frosting. It literally ripped the cake apart when Alisa, unfamiliar to the stuff, tried to frost the bottom tier. You can see it in the top shelf of the picture below, after we rebaked the tier (AGAIN).

We ate take out for days. We had no choice. Our fridge was now home to Cake of the Damned.

Meanwhile, Alisa started sculpting Max out of fondant:

I started making pumpkins and the tombstone out of fondant, as well as other miscellanious bones and fence pieces out of chocolate. The tombstone is the only piece that isn't at least mostly edible (Max has wire in him). I had to wrap the fondant around cardboard to get the dimensions I wanted.

We had yet another setback as Alisa attempted to frost the grass. Jiffy brand hinders us again as it's too lumpy to fit through the holes in her grass-making tip. We make an emergency trip to the store to find some pre-made frosting so we can get this sucker frosted.

While I put the finishing touches on Max (now Zombie Max) Alisa finishes frosting the cake, and we suddenly notice that it's beginning to slope dangerously forward. We panic a little, and decide to just go for broke, cram everything on, and get the pictures taken before it crashes and burns. (Minus the burning.)

Pictured: doom.

Alisa is forced to delicately skewer Max's tush to keep him balanced on the cake, as well as skewer the front end of the cake itself. We choose to "hide" this skewer with a piece of poorly made chocolate fence, in effect drawing attention to the skewer. Um. Live and learn, I guess.

The final touch is to add Max's cute button nose (which I will unceremoniously stick my finger in in an attempt to keep him on the cake during a picture) and his beady little eyes.

And finally, it lives!(Not really. It's a cake.)

Our pictures are godawful because our camera is from the stone age or something. But I assure you, this cake is badass. It's currently haunting both our fridge and our digestive tracts, probably for at least a week more.

Happy Halloween, kids. Don't eat any razor blades.
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